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Making Skirting Boards Last

Skirting boards are not just slim pieces of wood or plastic that is added to the bottom of the walls in your room to make it look prettier than it actually is, it also serves as a buffer that protects your walls and furniture from directly coming in contact with each other which may cause them to obtain scratches and scuffing.  However, installing skirting boards is one thing, while making sure that they last is another.

Install Skirting BoardSo how do we make sure that they last longer than just a few months down the road?

1. Proper installation.

It starts with the proper installation of the baseboards to the walls. After all, if they aren’t measured to fit and nailed securely to begin with, chances are they won’t last long. Ensuring that they are fitted correctly, and nailed firmly to the wall will assure you that not only will these skirting boards find themselves detaching or deteriorating anytime soon, nobody gets harmed from them as well.

2. High quality finish.

Whether you prefer your skirting boards to be painted on or varnished, it is important to use high-quality finish so as to provide the best protection for the board materials, which would in turn result to baseboards that will last longer than if they were not properly protected.

3. Timely inspection.

Routinely checking each separate nook and space in your house should be done to determine anything that needs to be repaired or replaced as early as possible before any damage is caused. Checking on the skirting boards should be done as well to ensure that they are still holding up and are not in need of any repairs or touch ups.

4. Regular cleaning and maintenance.

Just like any other part of the house, skirting boards should be attended to and cleaned every once in a while to avoid any pile up of dirt and stains, as well as to keep them pristine and looking sturdy even through the passage of time. All you need are detergent, water, and a cloth to wipe down any dirt or grease that may have found their way to your skirting boards.

While cleaning every space in the house is considered standard and routine, making sure to pay a bit more attention to your skirting boards won’t hurt. After all, they don’t just serve a decorative purpose; they shield your walls and your furniture from any damage as well. For more info about making the skirting board last click here